Firm Philosophy

The P. H. Martin Law Firm is committed to using the law to fight for and protect your interests. Unlike a big law firm or one of those guys you see on TV, we will give you very personal attention. Your legal needs are unique. They don't fit into some assembly-line process, so don't take them to an assembly-line lawyer.

We work for your best interest, whatever it may be. You are looking for a lawyer because you have a problem. We'll look for creative solutions to your problem. We avoid the knee-jerk reactions you may be afraid of; we won't push to sue somebody just because you walked in our door. And we'll look at the bigger picture for you; not just how to solve today's problem, but how to fix it so you avoid similar problems tomorrow.

We constantly ask ourselves 5 questions:

  • What is in the client's best interest?
  • What are the client's legal options?
  • What are the consequences of those options?
  • Which options would protect the client's interests best?
  • What does the client want to do?

These questions, and the answers you provide as we consult regularly with you, guide and shape every decision we make about your case.

We don't shy away from a fight; few things in life are more satisfying then crushing the other side at trial. But we're also not going to take a case to trial just to boost up our fees or satisfy our litigator's ego. We'll take something to trial only if doing so is truly in your best interests.